Photo: Freightliner

Photo: Freightliner

CK Commercial Vehicle Research held a survey in March to examine where fleets are gainging and losing productivity and it will be holding a webinar with FTR on April 14th to discuss its insights.

The discussion will cover how both manufacturers and shippers can assist fleets in reaching goals and will look at data from the past 2-3 years. Chris Kemmer, consultant for CK Commercial Vehicle Research, will give her insights on the survey. The webinar  will be moderated by Eric Starks, CEO and chairman of FTR.

Kemmer will review productivity gains and losses and what factors have affected it the most. She will also discuss productivity risks and opportunities in the next five years as well as what technologies are most valued by fleets.

“For many fleets, growth plans must include the ability to do more with the number of trucks and drivers they have,” said Kemmer. “The survey captured some of the best ways to gain productivity that may be useful to other fleets looking to maximize their current vehicle inventory.”

Registration to attend is required prior to the webinar date and can be completed by clicking here.