Bestpass has launched a toll management service for leased equipment providers called the Leased Equipment Toll Solution that includes not only tractors and trailers, but vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

With LETS, Bestpass can expand its single-source payment and national toll management services to a wider market of fleets.

The new solution features seamless rebilling from lessor to lessee, the ability to transfer transponders from leased provider to customer accounts and back again, and the ability to customize and white label the Bestpass service based on each leased provider’s needs.

LETS has already been deployed as part of a pilot program with an unnamed national leased service provider.

"LETS is a win for everyone involved. The leased equipment providers save a substantial amount of time dealing with toll while adding a great deal of value to their customers," said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “The lessees get coast-to-coast toll coverage, as well as a comprehensive and accurate accounting of their toll. And the tolling authorities benefit by a reduction in violations and a guarantee in payment through their existing relationship with Bestpass, which last year processed more than $450 million in toll."

Lessees that are already Bestpass customers will have the option to transfer transponders in their leased vehicles to their Bestpass account for the duration of the lease, allowing the customer to simplify toll tracking and management and to retain regular Bestpass discounts, account fees, and features.

All LETS customers will have access to national toll coverage via Bestpass that includes all major U.S. toll roads and more than 40 tolling groups. Bestpass currently has nearly 4,000 customers with more than 300,000 transponders on the road.