Thermo King Electric Power Jack Charger Photos: Thermo King

Thermo King Electric Power Jack Charger Photos: Thermo King

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - Thermo King debuted three new power management solutions here at the Mid-America Trucking Show to address increasing demands for power on the road for a wide spectrum of transport needs-- ranging from fleets hauling non-refrigerated goods to multi-temp distributors.

“With every innovation, Thermo King strengthens its commitment to sustainable practices and to being a full solutions provider that anticipates customers’ needs and solves some of the toughest challenges facing a highly competitive transport industry,” said Paul Kroes, power management business development manager for Thermo King North America. “We understand that every customer’s needs are unique and with our growing power management portfolio, Thermo King now can customize smarter, more cost-effective solutions that address the entire spectrum from power generation to storage.”

Thermo King Full-Spectrum, Power Generation Solutions

The expanded power management portfolio offers a comprehensive line of solutions that include the new Boost Charger, Auto-Start Module, and Electric Power Jack Charger. The new products provide greater durability, safety and efficiency, and aim to keep fleets up-and-running on the road:

  • The Thermo King Boost Charger is designed with three-stage battery charging, to maximize battery life and reduce maintenance costs in the future. The Boost Charger also ensures that tractor power can be matched with other methods of power generation in a smart manner, and through the seven-way circuit, delivers power safely. The Boost Charger is available in 20-amp and 35-amp models and delivers greater charging output than competitive products at a lower cost.
  • By continuously monitoring system voltage, the Thermo King Auto-Start Module automatically activates the Precedent-Series alternator to charge if power levels drop too low. It also provides low-voltage protection for the auxiliary battery to ensure liftgate operation or that lights are running when they are needed most.
  • The Electric Power Jack Charger delivers 120 volts of power to the inside of trailers. This feature provides a power source for electric pallet jacks. The charger generates power directly from the liftgate battery pack and has built-in lower voltage protection to preserve liftgate operation. With a fully-sealed, automotive-rated assembly, it is designed for under-the-trailer installation, which keeps the electronics out of the trailer where damage can occur. The new charger delivers the accessibility of a wall outlet to the inside of the trailer and increases uptime for drivers who can charge the electric pallet jack between deliveries.
ThermoLite solar technology

ThermoLite solar technology

Comprehensive Power Management Portfolio

The Thermo King power management portfolio also includes ThermoLite solar panels, the Supplemental Alternator, and EON Power Pack. These solutions provide fleets with smarter, more cost-effective ways to maximize uptime and optimize power on the road:

  • The weatherproof ThermoLite solar technologies are available in three wattage options: 26-, 36 -, and 100-watts and is designed to withstand extreme conditions for reliable performance in a wide variety of applications, resulting in longer battery life, decreased waste, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.
  • The Supplemental Alternator offers power generation directly from the reefer unit and draws more power in a smarter way.
  • The EON Power Pack provides additional power storage to keep delivery lights on without sacrificing reefer or tractor starting capability.

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