Screenshot via Nvidia

Screenshot via Nvidia

Paccar has announced that it is teaming up with American technology company Nvidia to develop an autonomous vehicle solution.

The collaboration represents the latest such effort for a technology company to enter the self-driving truck market that also includes entries from Google, Uber, and several startups.

Nvidia is known for making graphics processing units for the PC gaming market and as a chip maker for mobile computing. With Paccar, the two companies developed a proof-of-concept self-driving truck with Level 4 capability built on the Nvidia Drive PX 2 technology. Level 4 capability is defined as a system that completely drives itself.

The collaboration was announced by Nvidia founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at the Bosch Connected World conference in Berlin, Germany. At the conference, Huang showed a video of the Paccar self-driving concept on a closed course, handling a wide range of situations without a driver.

The Nvidia Drive PX 2 is an artificial intelligence car computing platform that designed to examine in real time what is happening around a vehicle, locate itself on a map and plot a safe path based on this information. The technology combines sensors, cameras, and deep computer learning.