Image via Schneider

Image via Schneider

Schneider has created a new one-stop online shop for less-than-truckload freight.

OrangeHub Powered by Schneider was created to help shippers quote, select, and send LTL freight out the door with expedience. From start to finish, LTL shippers will have full control of the process and the ability to access it at any time from mobile, tablet or desktop computers.

OrangeHub Powered by Schneider puts shippers in control of LTL freight in three steps:

  • Quote it: Answer a few questions about the freight and OrangeHub will show rates from a variety of carriers. If a shipper is unsure about weights and classifications, engineers are available to make sure everything is accurate. Past orders will be saved to speed the process in the future.
  • Book it: Select the carrier and price that works best for the business.
  • Track it: Follow the freight with comprehensive visibility, including estimated delivery times, direct access to the LTL terminals handling the freight, and access to past data and history.

New and current LTL customers can access OrangeHub by registering and logging into their account on

“OrangeHub Powered by Schneider offers a seamless, easy, and fast user experience to give shippers more time to focus on the important stuff – their business,” said Erin Van Zeeland, Schneider’s senior vice president and general manager of logistics services. “With every step there’s complete transparency, providing shippers with peace of mind and real-time analytics that can be used to identify future efficiencies in their supply chain.”