Truck-Lite announced an exclusive partnership with nanotechnology company NanoMech Industries to produce a line of corrosion- and oxidation-resistant products.

Through the long-term partnership with NanoMech, Truck-Lite will offer a new Nano line of products designed to provide resistance to electrical malfunction, corrosion and oxidation for the medium- and heavy-duty trucking industries.

“Truck-Lite understands that the desire of the fleet is to find products that can last the life of the vehicle, and Truck-Lite’s new Nano product family moves us a giant step closer to achieving that goal,” said Brad Van Riper, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Truck-Lite.

The basis for this technology is NanoMech’s nGlide platform of nano-engineered formulations that resist corrosion, provide barriers to moisture, and offer dielectric protection, water washout resistance, and friction reduction.

“Nanoengineered materials provide unique material behavior, clinging to even the smoothest surfaces with a long-lasting electrical protective coating at the nanoscale,” said Ajay P. Malshe, NanoMech founder and CTO. “No other product can protect electrical interfaces to the nano-level like this technology; it stands up to the most extreme and harshest operating conditions and is perfect for the widest range of electric connections and interfaces, including LED lighting, batteries, harnesses, and many more.”