Screenshot via Starksy Robotics YouTube Video

Screenshot via Starksy Robotics YouTube Video

Startup companies Starsky Robotics and are the two latest additions to the burgeoning autonomous vehicle market.

Hot on the heels of last week’s introduction of the autonomous vehicle startup Embark, Starsky and each offer a slightly different take on self-driving technology.

Starsky is aiming to bring an autonomous truck to market as soon as possible, but it is also testing a method in which a driver would remotely control a vehicle once it is done driving on the highway. That would tie a single driver to several trucks, when needed. The company said that it has already used a truck with its autonomous technology to make a 140-mile delivery in the real world, according to a TechCrunch report. is trying to reimagine autonomous technology by creating a system that is able to learn from its surroundings and adapt to different situations, the company detailed in a blog post. While its technology makes use of cameras and sensors, said that the best way to create a safe self-driving vehicle is to use software that can learn experience in the same way that voice assistants from Google and Apple learn from listening to humans.

Refelcting how the field of players in autonomous vehicles technology is growing, these two companies have received millions of dollars in investments so far.

Starsky received $3.75 million in funding and received $12 million in a round of funding last year.