Photo: Jim Park

Photo: Jim Park

No tariffs will be assessed on truck and bus tires manufactured in China and imported into the U.S. The International Trade Commission upended the tariff investigation by voting against imposing tariffs on the products.

The ITC didn’t immediately publish an explanation of its vote, but instead issued a single sentence that it has "made a negative determination." As a result, the tariff investigation on truck and bus tires from China has ended and no tariffs will be assessed.

After its initial one-sentence announcement, the ITC provided one more detail on its decision. The five-member commission voted 2-3.

Commissioners Rhonda Schmidtlein and Irving Williamson voted in the affirmative (which was a vote to impose the tariffs), and commissioners David Johanson, Meredith Broadbent and F. Scott Kieff voted in the negative.

A sixth member of the commission, Dean Pinkert, did not participate in the case. Pinkert also recused himself from the separate investigation studying tariffs on off-the-road tires earlier this year.

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