The Truckload Carriers Association has launched an accreditation initiative for truckload carriers to foster professional development to help carriers attract new people and create career paths as a retention tool.

The program will initially offer certificates addressing human resources, recruitment, retention and fleet management. To earn a certificate, participants must earn 40 continuing education credits, which TCA will offer through webinars, on-demand training, face-to-face meetings, and other opportunities.

Driver iQ, providers of background screening and driver monitoring services, will sponsor the certificate and certification programs. Lana Batts, Driver iQ’s co-president and former TCA president, will serve as the official spokesperson of the initiative.

As part of its sponsorship agreement, Driver iQ will serve as the only non-carrier member associated with the certificate and certification offerings. It will sponsor five webinars to support the programs and will also serve as one of the host sponsors of TCA’s 2017 WorkForce Builders Conference.

“Lana is a natural choice to speak on behalf of this program, as she has worked for more than 40 years in the trucking industry. She is highly respected and knows the industry inside and out,” said Russell Stubbs, TCA chairman. “She also understands the value of providing professional development opportunities for non-driving staff. She will bring significant credibility and exposure to this program.”

The Human Resources Certificate will provide learners with training in three key subject areas: operations, recruitment and retention, and legal. The Recruitment Certificate will focus on driver recruitment, workforce recruitment, and hiring legal challenges. The Retention Certificate will provide training related to increasing driver retention and employee engagement.

The Fleet Manager Certification program is intended for fleet managers, driver managers, dispatchers, operations managers, customer service representatives, planners, front-line managers, and other employees with similar functions that have at least two years of experience in those roles.  The program will cover topics such as business, leadership and communication skills, setting expectations for drivers, coaching to improve performance, and developing best practices and process for running an operations department.

“This is the first and only program of its type for this industry, and it’s exciting to be affiliated with it,” said Batts. “The challenges we see carriers facing every day confirms that a focus on professional development is exactly what this industry needs to attract and maintain a skilled workforce.”’

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