Photo: Eaton

Photo: Eaton

Eaton has expanded the company’s distribution channels for Eaton-branded synthetic lubricants and multi-purpose grease to include direct shipments to fleets and independent owner-operators.

Same-day and next-day deliveries will also be available within the Lower 48 states. Eaton PS-386 heavy-duty lubricants are available in 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums. Procision transmission PS-278 medium-duty fluids are available in 5-gallon pails while EP-2 grease is available in 14-ounce tubes. All lubes are shipped directly from the Eaton Logistics Center in Indianapolis.

“Using Eaton lubricants can help generate significant financial savings and speedy paybacks for all fleets,” said Bill Gross, lubricants product manager for Eaton. “Our traditional OEM dealer customers will also continue to stock our lubricants and pass along the benefits to our customers.”

Eaton PS-386 Heavy-Duty Synthetic Transmission fluid, Eaton PS-278 Synthetic Transmission fluid for medium-duty Eaton Procision transmissions, and Eaton EP-2 Multi-purpose grease have been specifically designed to improve fuel efficiency and enhance the performance of Eaton transmissions and clutches. The PS-386 and PS-278 transmission fluids are now the standard factory-fill at all North American truck makers, according to Eaton.

Purchases must be made online with a credit card only, and a tax exempt number is required.