The Iowa Motor Truck Association says its board gave more than $10 million in charitable donations over the past year.

Donations were tracked in 2016 as part of the associations’ Trucking Moves Iowa Forward public relations campaign to show the impact trucking companies can have in the state. The IMTA’s board is made up of just over 40 people, representing 40 different trucking companies and suppliers in the state.

“We knew our members were charitable, but we were shocked to discover our board alone contributed more than $10 million in donations back to their respective communities and worthwhile causes,” said Brenda Neville, IMTA president. “This campaign really uncovered all of the positive impacts being made by our industry on a daily basis. Our members are setting the standard and are making a very meaningful impact on the lives of Iowans.”

The IMTA was recognized by American Trucking Associations earlier in the year with the Mike Russell Image Award, for the innovative way the association engaged members to promote the trucking industry through the public image campaign.

“Our work isn’t done,” said Neville. “In 2017, we will challenge our members to meet and exceed this past year’s contributions. We are excited to continue giving back to our local communities.”