The Volvo VNL 780 donated to America's Road Team. Photo: Volvo Trucks

The Volvo VNL 780 donated to America's Road Team. Photo: Volvo Trucks

The American Trucking Associations is currently in the final round of the America’s Road Team selection process, which includes evaluation of candidates by industry veterans.

A panel of judges, including trucking executives and industry journalists, will evaluate each of the finalists on his or her knowledge of trucking, their ability to effectively express thoughts on transportation issues, and their overall safe-driving records.

This last round of judging runs from Jan. 8-10 and concludes with the announcement of the final team on Jan. 10.

In October, ATA narrowed the field to 33 finalists, made up of truck drivers from across the U.S. from large and small carriers. The finalists are to represent the entire trucking industry and reflect a full cross-section of the 3.5-million truckers in the U.S.

“The 33 drivers who were selected as finalists are all expected to be strong contenders for the next America’s Road Team,” said Elisabeth Barna ATA COO and executive vice president of industry affairs. “Each of the finalists is a great ambassador for our industry and, whether selected to the team or not, will continue to represent trucking and build on their impressive safety records.”

To be nominated as an America’s Road Team Captain, a truck driver must be employed by or leased to an ATA member company. Each nominee must have an excellent safety record and should be able to communicate his or her commitment to safety and passion for the industry. Nominees should also portray a positive image of a truck driver in all that they do.