Photo courtesy of Contract Transport Services

Photo courtesy of Contract Transport Services

Green Bay, Wis.-based trucking company Contract Transport Services has decorated a full box trailer with a military recognition mural to honor the company’s veteran employees and all veterans in the area.

CTS has a current employee base that consists of 30% veterans and the company wanted to honor those in uniform, both past and present, with a public show of respect. The trailer follows a series of art that CTS has unveiled over the course of 2016 that includes wrapped truck cabs for each branch of the military.

In addition to military-themed trucks, the company has also created designs to honor police officers and firefighters. The initiative was part of an effort to continually recognize and celebrate local heroes and 2 cents from each loaded mile that the military-themed trucks drive will be donated to a local charity that benefits veterans.

“We felt the need to wrap a trailer due to the overwhelming response we got to our wrapped trucks,” said Curt Reitz, CTS president.  “The combination of a wrapped truck and trailer makes more of an impact and promotes even more the respect and gratitude that CTS and its employees have for our veterans.”

The military wrapped trailer is available to local organizations and events that are looking to bring awareness to military heroes. The trailer was recently used to deliver bikes to local children in need and will be a part of upcoming parades throughout 2017. Organizations interested in using the trailer for drives or events are directed to contact CTS for consideration.