Photo courtesy of Cat Scale

Photo courtesy of Cat Scale

CAT Scale is scoring a company milestone in 2017, hitting 40 years of operation since it began in 1977.

When it launched, CAT Scale, founded by truckstop entrepreneur Bill Moon, introduced a totally automated, full-length platform sale. The technology gave drivers access to scales that could weigh the entire truck and trailer at one time.

CAT Scale now operates internationally with over 1,750 locations in 47 states and seven Canadian provinces. It also offers the Weigh My Truck app that allows drivers to weigh trucks and pay from a smartphone or tablet.

The biggest change in its 40 years of operation is the advent of near-instant communication allowing the company to ensure accurate and open scales remotely from its offices in Walcott, Iowa, according to a CAT Scale representative. The company can check on any of its scales and view important diagnostic data and check weights on load cells. This has also allowed the company to speed up processes for drivers through the Weigh My Truck app.

“My dad talked with drivers every day and was always trying to figure out ways to make their job easier,” said Delia Moon Meier, senior vice president at CAT Scale. “We understand that time is money for drivers and fast, accurate weighing it is important. That is why we invest so much in technology and preventative maintenance.”