The Jost Group introduced a new fifth wheel coupling and trailer steering system at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, Germany.

The JSK 34 sensor coupling version of the ultralight JSK 34 fifth wheel coupling was shown at the show. The ultralight JSK 34 cast fifth-wheel coupling is designed for 2-inch kingpins and can reduce the system weight by up to 88 pounds in some series. It is suitable for all weight-sensitive transports, such as tanker and silo transports.

Jost has equipped the JSK 34 with a hybrid bearing to increase driving comfort and service life while also reducing the dynamic load on the vehicle’s frame. This type of bearing combines the robustness and shock absorbing performance of a rubber bearing with the frame-friendly properties of a plastic bearing.

Tridec, Jost’s brand for trailer axle steering systems and single-wheel suspensions, presented the EF-S steering system for trailers, which provides more options for driving, maneuvering and safety with its sensor technology and remote control.

EF-S enables trailers with an extremely low trailer neck, such as milk and bulk tankers or trailers with monocoque constructions, to be equipped with a steering system for kingpin axles. The kingpin steering system can steer a maximum of three kingpin-steered axles. It allows the trailer to turn more than usual in tight bends or minimize the swing-out radius of the rear in confined space conditions.

Manual steering by wireless remote control makes the axles steer in ratio or at equal steering angles (“crab steering”). EF-S can deliver extra maneuverability leading to time savings, lower fuel consumption and less tire wear. The EF-S steering system is designed to be simple and easy to install without enormous adapting to the frame, allowing the steering angle to adapt to the mounting space.