Lytx has introduced the Unisyn platform, a video telematics platform that lets users see, understand and act on fleet and field operations safety and efficiency challenges.

The Unisyn platform features always-on access to up to seven days of cloud-connected video. Users can access, review and manage video from their fleets and field operations either in real-time or at a later date.

The Unisyn video telematics platform works in conjunction with Lytx’s DriveCam video-based driver safety system. DriveCam and Unisyn are designed to complement each other, using DriveCam’s exception-based video to help prevent collisions through programmatic coaching and Unisyn’s always-on video to track, monitor and act on fleet and field operations.

The captured video and corresponding telematics data can be accessed from the cloud in real time or on demand from most cloud-connected devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices.

“For some fleets, safety may be balanced against operational efficiency and/or security priorities, which can be addressed through the ability to observe and track vehicles in all aspects of their day,” said Brandon Nixon, Lytx chairman and CEO. “In DriveCam, we’re focusing on the driver, and with Unisyn our primary focus is the fleet operations.”

A combination of hardware and wireless network technology allows the Unisyn platform to integrate and synchronize high-definition video from one or more camera angles and options including:

  • Forward-facing to capture what’s in front of the driver
  • Side view to capture activity adjacent to the vehicle
  • Side-mirror to capture activity both adjacent to and near the front of the vehicle
  • Rear view to capture activity behind the vehicle
  • Cargo interior to capture activity within the cargo hold
  • Dock/warehouse to validate activity in the presence of the vehicle
  • Interior to capture situations of security concern within the vehicle

With this flexibility, each fleet can configure their own solution and tailor Unisyn to its own needs, according to Lytx. Organizations can start with video capture of collisions and consequential driving events and at the same time adopt services to enhance fleet productivity and performance, such as fuel management or fleet tracking.  

In addition to choosing the number of cameras and where each is placed, Unisyn users can also configure their programs in specific ways, including:

  • Event recorder sensitivity: Company policies, state regulations, routes and even vehicle type can influence what a fleet manager may want the cameras to capture and to what degree. The Unisyn platform gives fleet managers the choice to turn on specific event types and set parameters for each event type.
  • Flexible, customizable video tags: Unisyn’s tags are used to capture, categorize and catalog video according to each organization’s individual needs, whether by location, time of day, by driver, by vehicle, by type of driving event or more. You choose the tags that will help you access the video you need to inform your fleet and field operations.
  • Video retrieval policies and escalation rules: Set up video retrieval policies and escalation rules based on the data accompanying tagged video. Flexible data filters allow you to extract actionable insights for your fleet and field operations in real time and at any time.

Videos can also be tagged and used in ways that benefit a variety of businesses:

  • For loss prevention: Video can be tagged each time a cargo door is opened, making it easy to identify who is touching cargo, where, and when.
  • To mitigate false claims: Video can be tagged to trigger when a passenger boards or disembarks a transit vehicle to help show the facts in the event of personal injury claims.
  • For proof of delivery: Video can be tagged at specific destinations to serve as proof of conditions at a loading dock on a particular day, at a particular time.

“There are dozens of dynamics at play when a video telematics solution is deployed that affect just how much risk a fleet manager can address, and needs can change over time,” said Nixon. “We are providing every option for Unisyn platform users, giving them the ability to extract more risk and add new features when they’re ready.”