The Foton Motors Auman EST super truckn. Photo: Foton Motors

The Foton Motors Auman EST super truckn. Photo: Foton Motors

Chinese truck manufacturer Foton Motor has launched three fuel-efficient trucks under the Super Truck line in collaboration with Daimler, Cummins and German manufacturers ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Continental AG and other members of the Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance.

Foton launched three Super Truck models at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover, Germany, including the heavy-duty Auman Energy Super Truck and the Aumark S super medium-duty and light-duty trucks.

The Auman EST is primarily aimed at global logistics companies with long-haul freight needs, while the two Aumark S models are designed for urban use.

The three trucks are the result of a collaboration between the Foton Motor Group, Daimler and Cummins to produce a green, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly option for global markets. Foton’s Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance aimed for goals of a 30% reduction in fuel consumption, a 30% reduction in carbon emissions and a 70% increase in freight efficiency.

"Foton is an important partner of Cummins in the world and Cummins is a major member of the US Super Truck Program,” said Brett Merritt, executive director of on-highway business, engine business unit, Cummins. “We provided leading engine technology support for Foton Super Trucks, which will be a huge advantage of Foton Motor Group.”