The Wyoming Department of Transportation has been awarded a federal grant to continue a unique connected vehicle program on the Interstate 80 corridor aimed at improving commercial truck safety.

The Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program enables trucks and WYDOT’s fleets to communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure. With the connection, drivers participating in the pilot will be alerted to hazards and situations on the road ahead in real time.

Interstate 80 is a major corridor for east-west freight movement and last year experienced more than 1,400 crashes with 12 fatalities and over 250 injury-related crashes. The U.S. Department of Transportation is providing about $4.4 million for the design and deployment phase of the project and the combined cost of all phases is projected to be around $5.7 million.

When trucks equipped with this technology approach slowed or stopped traffic, the system sends messages alerting drivers of the hazard to give more reaction time and choices for action. When equipped vehicles pass roadside devices, drivers can receive messages alerting them to hazardous road conditions, crashes ahead, construction zone information, parking recommendations or other road and travel information.  

The system will also allow fleet managers to have accurate and up to date information to share with truckers on Interstate 80.

Development of the concept and plans for the pilot deployment of connected vehicle technology were completed by WYDOT in August. The system will be integrated within WYDOT’s existing Transportation Management Center. It is expected that 400 vehicles and 75 roadside units will be equipped with the technology.