Photo: Heil Trailer

Photo: Heil Trailer

Heil Trailer International has expanded its line of stainless steel products for the 2017 model year in a variety of styles, sizes and applications.

Available from 1,000 to 12,000 gallons, one to eight axles and from one to six compartments the stainless steel line of trailers is built to suit many different needs.

Heil re-entered the stainless steel market in 2013 and has focused on reducing the tare weight of its trailer to improve operational efficiency. The trailers are manufactured at Heil’s facility in Juarez, Mexico.

“We listened to our customers and engineered lighter-weight trailers to increase their efficiency without changing the durability and quality they’ve come to expect from Heil Trailer,” said Ryan Rockafellow, Heil Trailer, vice president of sales and marketing. “With our expanded 2017 product lineup, we can deliver specific solutions to our customers now more than ever.”

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