Photo: BYD

Photo: BYD

BYD Company Ltd. and the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group have launched a pure electric sanitation truck lineup with a total of 26 models to serve the city’s administration.

The sanitation group plans to replace 45% of its current diesel fleet with pure electric vehicles before the end of this year, and 100% of the fleet will be switched to pure electric in 2017. 

The trucks, which have load capacities ranging from 1 to 32 tons, will be used for street sweeping, garbage collection, and sprinkling. They will collect, compress, and transport waste, and can provide refrigerated transportation for hazardous waste.

The advantages of the trucks include low noise, zero emissions, efficiency, long driving ranges, and life-time batteries, according to BYD.

The lineup features BYD iron-phosphate batteries and an integrated axle assembly that combines the driving motor with the automatic gearbox and drive axle to improve transmission efficiency, according to the company. The integrated technology also saves extra room for more batteries. The trucks are made of lightweight aluminum alloy and come equipped with 360° cameras and GPS. The vehicle-to-vehicle feature lets a truck be used to charge other trucks, and the vehicles can be fully charged in two to three hours.

The operational cost of an 8 ton pure electric loading truck is almost half of that of its diesel counterpart, and the trucks are estimated to eliminate around 80 tons of carbon emissions each year, according to the company.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet