Every Bestpass transponder Photo: Bestpass

Every Bestpass transponder Photo: Bestpass

Toll payment and management solution provider Bestpass has launched two new departments aimed at owner-operators and large fleets to provide more efficient and cost-effective service to those segments.

The new departments are a dedicated owner-operator customer service team and a fulfillment center to handle new sales volumes of transponders.

The owner-operator customer service team will streamline the Bestpass experience specifically for owner-operators, from signing up to ongoing support. It combines staff who previously worked in sales, customer service and finance into a single unit focused on the unique needs of owner-operators.

Bestpass created its new fulfillment center to handle the volume of transponders, from new sales and through the expansion of service nationally to existing clients. The fulfillment center will focus on transponder inventory, shipping and handling, and associated account fulfillment processes, including the strategic deployment plans that Bestpass develops for its fleet customers.

Bestpass has already bolstered its customer service offerings this year, with all customers now receiving free standard shipping in the continental United States, free protective transponder cases and enhanced implementation services, including labeling each transponder before shipping according to customer specifications.

“As we aggressively grow, adding owner-operators, mega-fleets and everything in between, we want to make sure that we adapt our organizational model to continue to provide the best possible service, whether it is in the cab on the road or in the back office,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “Both of these new departments will give us more flexibility in meeting the needs of our customers, which will, in turn, save them even more time and money on their toll.”

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