Screenshot via Bestpass

Screenshot via Bestpass

Bestpass has launched a new version of its web portal at, allowing customers to more efficiently manage their fleets and access advanced tolling and trucking analytics and reporting.

The updated portal gives customers more options for viewing and changing their fleet data through an online interface. Previously, fleets had to go through customer service to access certain kinds of data or to make changes, but Bestpass redesigned the portal and upgraded it based on customer feedback, giving users more options and more accessibility.

The portal gains enhanced transparency with the ability to search and make vehicle updates, instead of having to directly contact customer service. It features targeted search across all toll transactions, as well as advanced filtering options, including transponder, date/time, facility, vehicle and cost center.

There is also a feature to upload necessary data and files, from entire vehicle lists to cab cards and truck photos and an improved dashboard.

“We always strive to make things easier for our customers, and this new portal has a number of features that will facilitate a great deal of back-office efficiency,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “For a fleet manager with hundreds of vehicles incurring tolling fees with dozens of tolling groups, having all of that data in one place is invaluable, saving countless hours in the back office and allowing the manager to make more strategic decisions.”

By aggregating what would normally be multiple tolling accounts, with disparate interfaces and sets of data, the Bestpass customer portal allows fleet managers and other customers to see a more comprehensive and meaningful picture of toll usage and truck activity across an entire fleet, enabling them to make strategic decisions much more efficiently.

The portal also lets users download comprehensive toll spreadsheets, manage payments, and proactively submit tickets and violations for potential correction, among other options.

The portal’s notification platform provides users with alerts such as exclusion zone infractions, inactive transponders, pending payments and automated toll exports.

In addition to launching a new web portal, Bestpass has also expanded its Customer Service team to meet the demands of the company’s growing client base, which surpassed 3,000 accounts in 2015. The Customer Service department handled more than 40,000 incoming support requests last year, including phone calls, emails and live chats.

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