Omnitracs has announced a new solution that allows fleet managers to track trailers and cargo called Omnitracs Trailer Tracks 150.

The company said that Trailer Tracks 150 gives fleets the ability to manage trailer inventory, keep cargo safe and track drivers on the road. It helps keep track of trailers stored in set locations and allows for customizable alerts to signal if a trailer has been dropped off at an unauthorized site.

The new solution integrates into existing dispatch software and Omnitracs’ other fleet management applications.  

Omnitracs TT150 provides fleets with some key features and benefits:

  • Increased driver and tractor productivity and security with real-time monitoring of status and location of trailers and containers
  • Reduction of fuel, as fleet managers do not need to search for trailers
  • Better operations/planning and enhanced customer service through automated and customized reports
  • Increase asset usage, trailer pool inventory, as well as address unauthorized use of trailers for storage purposes through access to real-time data
  • Simplified installation process through mobile-friendly, peel-and-stick installation

“Fleet owners continue to struggle with a lack of real-time data related to their fleet, which results in the need to search for trailers, increasing their costs associated with driver time and fuel, as well as leaving them vulnerable to theft and misuse of trailers,” said Jeff Champa, Omnitracs vice president of product management.

“The new TT150 improves visibility into both trailer location and status, eliminates the loss of trailers and cargo, increases utilization, and puts an end to wasted driver time and fuel searching for empty, usable trailers— all for a low price," he added.