Wheel end supplier ConMet has launched a mobile app to help customers find a replacement hub assembly for a heavy-duty truck or trailer.

The Aftermarket Wheel End Replacement App is available on both iOS and Android platforms for smart devices and is also available online. The app provides a variety of ways for users to select the correct replacement hub.

The first option is to provide the original hub assembly number and the app will display the proper replacement hub part and a link to the hub specifications. The customer can use that number to purchase the hub from a ConMet stocking location.

If there is no assembly part number available, a user can view a video or written instructions on how to find the assembly number on the original hub itself. That number can then be inputted and used to find the replacement hub.

If no hub assembly number can be found, the last option guides the user through a few simple questions that will lead to the applicable hub assembly. For trailer applications, the app provides an option for a low-cost, manually-adjusted Conventional hub replacement.

“There are over 10 million ConMet wheel hubs on vehicles going down the road today,” said Larry Sanford, ConMet’s vice president of aftermarket. “This app enables customers to quickly identify a replacement aftermarket hub assembly equivalent to the one originally installed on the vehicle. Aftermarket hub assemblies will be carried in stock by ConMet as well as our network of stocking Dealers and Distributors so that orders can be filled in 24 to 48 hours.”