Iveco, the Italy-based commercial vehicle manufacturer, has announced a New Stralis series of heavy trucks that includes a natural gas-fueled NP version, which officials call “a CO2 champion in every mission” for its low carbon dioxide emissions.

It also includes a diesel-powered XP, and boasts a new 12-speed automated transmission and other drivetrain advances. Iveco’s brand president, Pierre Lahutte, claimed New Stralis-series trucks will deliver the lowest total cost of ownership, or TCO.

The trucks will be assembled in Madrid, Spain, for the European market.

“Stralis NP is the first and only gas truck that has demonstrated it can be used in long-haul missions,” Lahutte said. “We are about to open new frontiers in sustainable transport, and we will make it in partnership with our customers.” 

Using liquified natural gas, the NP has a range of 1,500 kilometers (900 miles), the company claimed.

The NP’s 8.7-liter Iveco Cursor 9 Natural Power engine will burn liquefied or compressed natural gas and meets Euro VI exhaust-gas limits without diesel-type aftreatment equipment, the company said. The engine is rated at 400 hp and 1,700 Newton-meters (1,254 lb-ft) of torque, equal to its diesel equivalent.

The New Stralis has “a completely redesigned driveline, a new electrical and electronic architecture, the new best-in-class transmission, rear axle and a rear suspension, and introduces the latest-generation GPS predictive functions and new features to enhance fuel economy and sustainability,” Iveco’s press release said. “In addition, Iveco has developed a new generation of services aimed at reducing the TCO of each model.”

Lahutte added, “The New Stralis has been designed to lower the TCO and CO2 of transporters as well providing the very best reliability to its owners. We have added for the customer a new set of services to reduce their TCO.

“The long-range freight hauling business will drive the whole commercial vehicle market in the years to come (and) Stralis has all that is needed to lead such a completely reshaped market.”