The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released its 2016 Statewide Freight Plan for public comment and is seeking recommendations to establish a freight advisory committee to enhance communications between the Cabinet and the freight industry.

The 2016 Kentucky Statewide Freight Plan and Executive Summary proposes freight initiatives and investments for the state’s freight transportation system.  KYTC wants to form a freight advisory committee to improve communication and coordination between the freight industry and state government.

The Cabinet is encouraging public and private stakeholders as well as anyone with an interest in freight industry needs, innovations and goals to apply for the Freight Advisory committee. Interested parties can submit their information online.

“I am pleased to release the proposed 2016 Statewide Freight Plan and announce plans to develop a freight advisory committee,” said Greg Thomas, Secretary of KYTC. “We are eager to receive input on the Statewide Freight Plan from interested parties whose goal is to promote the safe and efficient transportation of freight.”

There will be a 30-day window for review and comment on the proposed 2016 Kentucky Statewide Freight Plan, running from June 3 until July 5. During this time, KYTC is seeking input from constituents, local governments, industry partners and interested agencies and organizations.