Photo: TMC

Photo: TMC

The American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council will hold its 2016 Fall Meeting and annual National Technician Skills competitions from Sept. 18-22 at the Raleigh Convention center in Raleigh, N.C.

The Fall Meeting will feature technical sessions on subjects such as the evolution of engine coolants, 48-volt electric systems, preventive maintenance strategies, electronic stability control, and the operational awareness of electronic logging..

Concurrently with the Fall Meeting, technicians from across the country will compete in the TMCSuperTech 2016 National Technician Skills Competition and TMCFutureTech 2016 National Student Technician Competition.

Winners of both competitions will be announced at the TMCSuperTech 2016 Awards Luncheon, which will be open to both contestants and meeting attendees.

“We’re certainly living through interesting times in our industry and our meeting topics are all about crafting solutions to the environmental, economic and regulatory challenges that we face every day,” said Carl Kirk, ATA vice president of maintenance, information technology & logistics. “Our technician skills competition recognizes the technical achievements of our technicians, whether in service with fleets, leasing companies, dealerships or other service providers.”

More than 100 task forces will meet on September 19 to continue work on TMC Recommended Practices, information reports and position papers.

TMC’s annual Fleet Talk session will provide the opportunity for maintenance and equipment professionals to exchange information related to equipment problems.

During the opening Town Meeting, TMC’s Fleet Operator’s Forum will enable maintenance and equipment professionals to seek redress for unresolved equipment issues they may have with manufacturers.

“The work our industry’s technicians do is critical to keeping trucks on the road, moving America’s freight,” said Bill Graves ATA President and CEO. “Events like TMC’s National Skills Competition highlight not just that importance, but the proficiency of these highly skilled men and women.”

For more information and to register for TMC’s 2016 Fall Meeting, National Technician Skills Competition and National Student Technician Competition, click here.