Bestpass has added toll processing in Oklahoma expanding the service’s coverage to include every major toll road in the U.S.

With the addition, Bestpass says it is now offering the first fully functional and operational national tolling solution for commercial fleets.

“When we started processing tolls with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, we added the final piece necessary to deliver a truly national tolling solution and to cover 100% of all major U.S. toll roads,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “This is a huge milestone for Bestpass and a huge benefit to our customers.”

With the coverage, Bestpass customers in Oklahoma will receive an approximately 5% discount over paying with cash as well as an additional volume discount of 5% per transponder for transponders with more than 20 trips in a given month.

Oklahoma has 606 miles of toll roads, the second highest mileage of toll roads in the nation behind Florida. Bestpass is an automated toll-processing and payment service for fleets with coverage on toll roads and bridges in the continental U.S.