Idle Smart has authorized Fontaine Modification Fleet Services to install and distribute its idle management system.

Idle Smart is an automatic engine start and stop technology that manages engine idle time and battery voltage levels while helping to prevent cold starts in Class 8 trucks. The system is designed to reduce idling time to help fleets comply with idle restriction laws and save fuel.

“We are excited to be working with Fontaine Modification, given the company’s long history of innovation and excellence,” said Jeff Lynch, president of Idle Smart. “Fontaine is the proven leader in efficiency and workmanship, which allows for a seamless experience for our mutual customers.”

Idle Smart also provides remote management capabilities and offers performance-reporting and vehicle diagnostics. Fleet managers can use the remote management capabilities to continuously monitor a truck’s batteries and program a voltage threshold from their desktop or in the vehicle.

The app automatically starts the truck when the battery voltage gets low, charges it back up and then shuts it down again. For safety, the engine won’t start if the truck isn’t in neutral, doesn’t have the parking brake engaged or has the hood open.

The system also allows fleets and drivers to monitor cabin comfort and coolant temperatures and Idle Smart will start the trucks at a specified temperature and run them until the desired cab or engine coolant temperature is reached.

Idle Smart's real-time performance metrics and diagnostic capabilities show truck- and fleet-level operational results. The remote management function allows fleet managers to be more proactive in day-to-day operations and make necessary changes to any system setting to improve performance.

“Reducing truck idling and lowering fuel costs while continuing to provide a comfortable environment for off-duty drivers has been a challenge for many trucking companies,” says Jamil Young, president, Fontaine Modification Fleet Services. “Idle Smart provides an innovative and dependable solution. We are happy to offer installation of this quality fuel-saving system at any of our seven nationwide modification centers.”