Vipar Heavy Duty has expanded its TruckForce Service Center program with added tools, resources and services to support independent service centers.

The program, formerly known as ViPro TruckForce, is a designed to help independent repair facilities manage and grow business using products from major industry suppliers. TruckForce Service Centers employ skilled, trained technicians to offer comprehensive tractor and trailer service.

“The rebranded TruckForce Service Center program offers educational webinars, business and management training and new marketing tools to help support independent shops of all sizes in today’s competitive market,” said Jeff Paul, director of marketing, Vipar Heavy Duty. “Members also benefit from access to a broader depth of quality products available through the Vipar Heavy Duty family of companies.”

Vipar Heavy Duty partners with big manufacturers and features their branded products. The TruckForce program provides a conduit to partner with independent service shops so that they can have access to top-branded products and other tools and resources.

“More often than not the customer will opt for a premium branded product because of the advantages they provide,” said Paul. “Downtime is money lost for truck operators, so having their vehicle serviced with quality products at their local TruckForce Service Center to keep their truck on the road brings peace of mind.”

For more information on TruckForce Service Centers, click here.