Photo: Chief

Photo: Chief

Collision repair manufacturer Chief introduced a new product line called Chief Heavy Duty that is designed for heavy-duty body shops.

The equipment is aimed at improving technician ergonomics, shop efficiency, repair quality and cycle times. There are also products to make it possible to write more comprehensive estimates upfront and document repairs.

“Heavy-duty collision repair shops face unique challenges stemming from the sheer size of the vehicles being repaired,” said Lee Daugherty, Chief global data product manager. “There are no OEM specifications to follow when straightening frames that can be 60 feet long or bringing multiple axles back into alignment.”

The Chief Heavy Duty product line includes:

  • Centurion heavy-duty frame rack
  • Cam Scan HD photogrammetric measuring system
  • Vulcan ADU adhesive debonding unit
  • Chief heavy-duty rivet gun
  • Chief blind rivet attachment for PNP90 rivet gun
  • Rotary Lift Mach Series mobile column lifts
  • Chassis-Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker frame rack

“The new Chief heavy-duty product line draws on our more than 40 years of collision repair experience to provide fleets, independent repair shops and dealers with modern equipment that is faster and easier to use, reduces the chance of technician injury, speeds up the repair process and makes it possible to meet the growing need to document repairs,” said Daugherty.

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