Stemco and Ridge have entered into a settlement and patent license agreement, dismissing Stemco’s patent infringement suit against Ridge’s GreenTail aerodynamic device.

Stemco filed a suit last year alleging that Ridge had infringed on patents involving ATDynamic’s TrailerTail aerodynamic device with Ridge's GreenTail device.   As part of the settlement, the two companies have asked the court to dismiss all claims and counterclaims in the litigation.

The terms of the settlement are confidential but as a result Ridge is now licensed to use the Stemco patents and will resume making and selling GreenTail devices.

Late last year, a court granted Stemco a preliminary injunction against Ridge to stop manufacturing and selling its GreenTail device while the lawsuit was ongoing. Stemco said it was given the injunction because the court had seen the validity of its allegations.

For its part, Ridge maintained that the company did not infringe on the ATDynamics patents and denied the claims in the lawsuit.