Photo: QuickQ

Photo: QuickQ

Fuel services provider Quick Fuel will be using QuikQ’s Fuel Purchase System to streamline the fueling process at more than 50 automated fueling locations in the U.S.

QuikQ’s Fuel Purchase System provides a direct connection between point-of-sale and carrier enterprise systems.

Installed at all Quick Fuel automated fueling locations, the cardless system uses RFID tags on tractors provided by Quick Fuel to activate the FPS-enabled fuel pumps. The driver then verifies the information with prompts that they set up to authorize the transactions, which are quickly processed for credit approval and tracking.

Quick Fuel is based in Milwaukee, Wis., and operates 52 automated fueling stations in 19 states. QuikQ is a software development company based in Franklin, Tennessee, that develops fuel transaction processing solutions for carriers and truck stops.

“QuikQ RFID technology expedites the fueling process for drivers using our facilities and reduces the administrative time it takes customers to manage fuel card purchases,” said Josh Tippin, director of automated facilities at Quick Fuel. “With QuikQ, we can offer deeper discounts to customers because our cost is lower than the fees we pay to fuel card providers.”