Photo via Purkeys

Photo via Purkeys

Purkeys has partnered with Maxwell Technologies to produce a portable jump starter called CAPS that's designed for heavy- and light-duty applications.

The portable jump starter uses an ultracapacitor to provide power instead of batteries, gas-powered engines or generators. CAPS can charge, discharge and recharge faster than a lead-acid battery powered jump starter and is lighter and more portable, according to Purkeys.

The device uses Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module to provide a burst of power and is combined with Purkeys smart control electronics. The ESM provides the power to jumpstart an engine, but the "smart control" electronics allow the device to be safe while still offering lighter weight and a smaller size.

CAPS can provide power to start a Class 3-8 diesel engine in local delivery, vocational and long-haul truck applications.

“Maxwell worked with the Purkeys team to test and validate the CAPS at our Technical Center in San Diego, Calif.," said Jeff Brakley, senior business portfolio manager at Maxwell Technologies. "The high burst power of the ESM combined with Purkeys' smart control electronics results in a lightweight, reliable and safe method for jump-starting multiple trucks."

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