Image: Paragon Software

Image: Paragon Software

In response to demand from clients that use its de facto mileage calculations for paying truck drivers, Paragon Software Systems has updated its system interface with ALK’s PC*Miler routing, mileage, and mapping software.

The company said PC*Miler seamlessly integrates with Paragon’s entire suite of routing and scheduling solutions, giving Paragon customers industry-standard mileages to help them comply with Department of Transportation and General Services Administration distances for approved freight rating and billing.

“Many of our customers feel PC*Miler is mission-critical to the success of their business,” said William Salter, Paragon CEO and president. “With our latest software update, we can offer integration with the latest version of PC*Miler, a fast and accurate mileage calculator for paying truck drivers.

“The quicker and more accurately that companies can pay their truck drivers,” he added, “the more attractive their business will be to this increasingly scarce resource.”

Paragon noted that its routing and scheduling optimization solutions “produce realistic and achievable route plans that offer more reliable time windows, cut unwanted mileage to save on fuel, and better utilize assets to keep costs down.”