Photo: YRC Freight

Photo: YRC Freight

YRC Freight is offering a new accelerated service with shipment times that are one or two days faster than standard shipment times.

The new service is made possible through a dual-speed network, according to YRC. Accelerated shipments move through YRC Freight’s faster network, helping customers increase speed to market.

The service is available in the continental U.S. and as a cross-border service between the U.S. and Canada or Mexico. To speed up delivery times, accelerated shipments continue to move over the weekend.

The Accelerated service fits between the company’s Standard service and Time-Critical premium service and is aimed at customers who need non-guaranteed shipments to reach destinations faster.

“It is important that our customers always know we have the technology, the services and the people to fulfill their needs, said Darren Hawkins, president of YRC Freight. “This new service addition, combined with our already comprehensive portfolio of services and coverage, creates the opportunity for customers to use YRC Freight in every aspect of their supply chain.”

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