Love’s has finalized an agreement to purchase compressed natural gas provider Trillium CNG, officially adding 37 CNG stations to the company’s network of facilities.

Combined, Love’s and Trillium will operate 65 public-access CNG facilities. The two companies initially agreed to the acquisition in February. Love’s sees the acquisition as a statement of the company’s long-term commitment to CNG.

Recently, former Trillium CNG partner ampCNG took ownership of 17 public access CNG fueling stations that were part of a joint venture between the two companies.

“This acquisition shows Love’s has a long-term commitment to CNG,” said Frank Love, co-CEO of Love’s. “Together with Trillium, we can help new and existing customers extend their commitment to CNG. We will continue to make investments in the alternative fuel industry to give Customers more access to a cleaner-burning fueling solution with a stable cost.”