Photo: Rand McNally

Photo: Rand McNally

Rand McNally is launching an updated version of its IntelliRoute with MileMaker routing and mileage calculation software with improvements to help users plan routes more efficiently. The software will be shown at the Truckload Carriers Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas.

The new software will allow users to create multiple routes on a single screen to more clearly see routes, maps and overviews. It will also provide improved toll data, including transponder discount rates. IntelliRoute’s maps and user interface have also been improved to make the software easier to use and view.

“This new Enhanced IntelliRoute with MileMaker is a giant step forward, providing additional tools and flexibility for carriers, shippers, and third party logistics providers," said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. "Users will be able to quickly run multiple queries in just a few steps. From there, they'll be able to visualize routes like never before with the new high resolution maps."

The new version includes:

  • Higher resolution mapping, which enables more accurate truck-specific,  point-to-point routing and mileages; mapping covers the United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • A new user interface to assist businesses in more efficiently processing route inquiries
  • New abilities to create and visualize multiple truck routes and route types on a single map
  • Toll cost data with transponder options for more accurate planning and accounting
  • Enhanced route optimization tools designed to save time and money
  • Ongoing road construction updates
  • Class-based hazardous materials routing

For more information on the software, click here.