NASHVILLE – Dana Holding Corporation is offering axle ratios that are compatible with all seven configurations of the SmartAdvantage powertrain from Eaton and Cummins, the company announced.

Dana’s system includes the Spicer AdvanTek 40 155 Series tandem axle along with the SPL 350 driveshaft and SPL 250 inter-axle shaft.

“Our joint collaboration with Cummins and Eaton allows Dana to take a comprehensive systems approach, examining the integration of all components throughout the vehicle in an effort to fully optimize performance and make further drivetrain enhancements,” said Mark Wallace, Dana's executive vice president.

Through engine downspeeding, the current SmartAdvantage package has improved efficiency by 7.5% compared to the original version of the powertrain, according to Dana. Dana will continue to collaborate on SmartAdvantage in the areas of field testing and data sharing to further improve the technology.

“For many years, Eaton and Dana have worked together to further enable drivetrain synergy,” said Ryan Trzybinski, Eaton's global product strategy manager for linehaul.  “We have found that sharing information and ideas early in the design phase enables more robust improvements in the final product.”

Dana’s Spicer AdvanTek 40 155 Series tandem axle offers a combination of technologies that can enable an engine at highway cruise speed to run up to 200 rpm lower than alternative powertrain systems. It can also reduce weight and increase axle efficiency, according to Dana.

The tandem axle’s full selection of downspeeding ratios, from 2.26:1 to 2.79:1, and options for a variety of Class 8 applications are now available at most OEM truck brands including Navistar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo.

The SPL 350 driveshaft and SPL 250 inter-axle shaft also support the SmartAdvantage powertrain.  These components are designed to withstand the increased stress placed on the drivetrain by high-efficiency on-highway trucks configured for engine downspeeding.

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