Photo: Challenger

Photo: Challenger

Privately-owned Canadian fleet Challenger has chosen Petro-Canada Lubricants as its exclusive heavy-duty engine oil provider as part of a multi-year partnership agreement.

The agreement was formed with the goal of improving fleet engine performance and fuel economy with all Challenger locations having been converted to Duron-E XL 10W-30, according to Petro-Canada. As a partner, Petro-Canada Lubricants will play a role in ongoing monitoring, maintenance and technical support for the fleet.

Challenger operates a fleet of over 1,500 trucks and 3,300 trailers with locations in the U.S. and Canada. It specializes in truckload, temperature control, waste haulage, oversized projects, logistics, warehousing and supply chain management.

“We made the commitment to Petro-Canada Lubricants for two reasons,” says Chris Iveson, director of maintenance, Challenger. “We chose the Duron-E XL 10W-30 fuel economy product based on our confidence in the advanced engine protection technology. Secondly, and equally important to us, is how Petro-Canada Lubricants stood out as an innovative supplier that could do more, acting as a true partner for the Challenger business.”