Photo: RoboVent

Photo: RoboVent

Stoughton Trailers has installed a new clean air system to improve production and the work environment in its manufacturing facility in Stoughton, Wis., the company announced.

The system was contracted by the air-filtration technology company RoboVent, which Stoughton had been working with since 2014 to come up with a clean air solution for the welding department of its fabrication facility. 

The system was designed to create a healthier work environment for Stoughton employees by improving ventilation and reducing harmful particles in the air. It reduces fumes, dust and smoke that welding produces within the manufacturing environment.

“Production is more efficient, and the air in the facility is even safer and cleaner,” said Bob Wahlin, president of Stoughton Trailers. “Smoke and dust are virtually eliminated, and employees on the floor feel better about coming to work.”

RoboVent engineers used VentMapping, an air-mapping process that uses computational fluid dynamics to identify airflow patterns and filtration requirements for targeted areas.The company then used fume guns, Vortex towers and air control curtains to quarantine specific areas of the production environment to prevent dust and fumes from entering other parts of the facility.

“Our old air filtering system relied on bringing in clean air from outdoors, which requires heating, so this system also has significant energy savings for us,” said Wahlin.

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