UltraShipTMS has released an upgrade to the truck driver payroll portion of its transportation management system platform. UltraShip is a TMS provider serving shippers in several different industries in the U.S.

The upgrade delivers greater control over the way private fleet drivers are compensated and reimbursed for expenses incurred during the movement of freight.

An increasing number of shippers are using private fleets in conjunction with common carriers and seeking TMS solutions that allow the accurate automation of driver payroll processes, according to UltraShip.

The upgrade delivers better visibility into the actual landed costs of moving freight with a private fleet compared with a common carrier. Along with the improved visibility into fleet spend, more and better data is available to UltraShip’s driver/fleet optimization module, for more accurate and cost-effective transportation planning and decision-making.

Transportation planners can configure driver profiles for many possible circumstances including levels of driver seniority, movement types, accessorial fees by location and other driver-pay processes that often differ between domiciles and distribution centers.

Decoupling financial line items from rigid correlations to single pay rates helps provide flexibility in driver compensation, according to UltraShip. As a result, shippers can more easily use innovative optimization plans, making for better driver acquisition and retention and more efficient use of resources in their payroll department.

“This upgrade was a pressing item from our product roadmap and we’re pleased to have completed it and rolled it out to our customer base using private fleets alongside their common carrier movements,” said Sherry Brown, director of product development for UltraShip.