Bestpass users in Florida and Kansas have run over 256,000 toll transactions, making for a total toll volume of over $1.3 million, the toll-payment company has announced.

Florida was by far the busier state, with more than 250,000 transactions alone totaling $1.2 million. Kansas was responsible for 6,000 toll transactions, for a volume totaling over $59,000. Bestpass began offering full toll coverage in both states in March of last year as part of the company's effort to offer full toll coverage in the U.S.

“Adding toll coverage in Florida and Kansas was a critical component in expanding our geographic reach to offer our customers a truly national tolling solution,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “We really appreciate the efforts of the tolling groups in both Florida and Kansas to work with Bestpass to bring innovative toll solutions to the largest group of users.”

Bestpass also recently added full tolling coverage in Texas and is collaborating with the Detroit International Bridge Company, which controls the Canadian-border spanning Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor.

“With the anticipated addition of Oklahoma early this year, we will cover 100% of major U.S. tolling facilities,” said Andrews.

Bestpass was founded in 2001 by the New York State Motor Truck Association. It provides toll management services, including consolidated billing, volume discounts, and violation processing compatible with over 40 tolling groups and all weigh station bypass networks.