Photo: WorkHound

Photo: WorkHound

A digital referral feature has been added to WorkHound’s driver recruiting and retention platform, allowing drivers to refer possible new hires through the WorkHound app.

While companies may encourage their drivers to refer drivers by handing out cards during downtime, by making the process digital, WorkHound expects drivers to have more opportunities to do so.

Trucking companies rely on driver referrals for a large portion of new driver hires, according to Workhound, and the new feature is a tactic companies can use to address the driver shortage.

“This update is a result of listening to driver and company feedback,” said Max Farrell, WorkHound co-founder. “The more drivers share feedback with the company, the more opportunities there are to refer new drivers and generate the referral bonuses carriers tend to offer.”

WorkHound is a software platform designed to help carriers keep current drivers and recruit new ones. Truck drivers can use the app to share feedback, praise, problems and ideas with employers and WorkHound will compile that data and turn it into actionable insights for carriers.

This keeps managers aware of problems within fleets of drivers allowing them to address any problems and retain drivers before they decide to leave, the company noted.

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