Photo: Aperia Technologies

Photo: Aperia Technologies

Aperia Technologies, maker of the Halo Tire Inflator, has launched a nationwide network of dealers to offer Halo for fleets in multiple locations in the U.S.

The first group of dealers to offer Aperia’s Halo technology operate in over 100 locations across the country, offering the tire inflation system on new vehicles as well as retrofits for onto older models.

The Halo Tire Inflator is a bolt-on device with a small internal pump driven by the rotation of a wheel. It is designed to replenish or adjust pressure loss resulting from minor leaks, leaky vale stems, seepage, and temperature compensation. It can be applied to dual and wide-based tires on drive and trailer axles.

“The first truck and trailer dealerships included in our dealer network were chosen carefully based on their reputations for having strong fleet relationships and for upholding our standard for a premium customer experience” said Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia. “To complement strong retrofit adoption in 2015, our customers wanted an easy option to roll Halo into new truck purchases. The dealers have been gearing up to offer Halo on both new trucks and as a retrofit to meet growing fleet demand in 2016.”

Dealer locations for Aperia’s Halo technology include:

  • Bruckner Truck Sales
  • Carrier Transicold of Detroit
  • Gateway Truck and Refrigeration
  • TEC Equipment
  • Truck Country
  • Warner Truck Centers

“When we talk to them about Halo, we’re giving them an opportunity to save money,” said Zach Wagner, vice president of operations at Gateway Truck and Refrigeration. “The easiest sell for us is to talk to fleets about what it means to always know that when your truck leaves the yard it has proper tire pressures, which optimizes fuel economy.”