Photo: Melton Truck Lines

Photo: Melton Truck Lines

The Truckload Carriers Association is partnering with Rolling Strong to offer a driver wellness program for carriers called TCA Wellness that will launch in January 2016.

The program will provide participants with access to health-check stations across the country numbering in the thousands, according to the TCA. They will have access to annual bio-screenings and there is a driver-centric smartphone app with guidance about nutrition and exercise on the road. Unlimited phone support from TCA –approved CDL health-coaches, who are trained to work within the limits of a truck driver’s schedule, are also available.

"The studies are alarming... drivers are gaining weight, not exercising much, and developing serious problems like sleep apnea and diabetes," said Keith Tuttle, TCA's chairman. “We see Rolling Strong as an innovative solution; their approach not only boosts driver health and fosters driver-retention, but also delivers an unprecedented return on investment for users."

The partnership between the TCA and Rolling Strong will provide trucking companies with the means to establish a customized, in-house wellness program to match their needs and fit their budgets, according to the TCA. The basic program will cost TCA members less than $2 per driver, per month. Non-TCA members can also participate but at a “slightly” higher cost.

Part of the new wellness program will be called Rebuilt, designed by Rolling Strong to help drivers who fail a CDL physical to get back on the road within 30 days. Rebuilt is a home-based regime that includes daily coaching, in-home exercise equipment and a 28-day food supply. I also includes medical referrals when necessary and covers the cost of the required re-testing.

"Our driver wellness tools make a real difference," said Bob Perry, founder of Rolling Strong and executive director of TCA Wellness. “This partnership allows us to stay true to our core mission: to provide professional drivers with simple lifestyle changes to maintain their livelihood and get home safe to see their families.”

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