SmartDrive Systems is offering two new product lines that allow fleets to select the level of video safety system that makes sense for their operations as part of what it's calling the SmartChoice program.

With the SmartDrive SmartChoice program, fleets can choose from among three product lines, each with unique capabilities and benefits:
SmartDrive Shield—a road-facing only camera combined with on-demand video offload and easy-to-use review workflow, SmartDrive Shield is designed for fleets that have owner-operators or are not yet ready for integrated coaching. It captures every collision, exonerating when not at fault and gives drivers the ability to record issues on the road, such as delivery verification and security incidents.
SmartDrive Defender—up to two camera configuration offers road-facing and cab views, with automatic video offload, risk scoring and integrated coaching. SmartDrive Defender is designed for fleets that want to identify high-risk incidents, such as speeding, lane departure, hard braking and collisions, and provide proactive coaching to reduce collision frequency, improve safety and reinforce good driving skills. SmartDrive says it is the only system that triggers on U-turns.
SmartDrive Assurance—deployment of up to four cameras enables a 360-degree view of the vehicle and offers insight into the most frequent causes of collisions, such as U-turns, backing, unintended lane changes, roll-overs and following too closely. SmartDrive Assurance is designed for fleets focused on maximum protection and prevention of safety and compliance-related incidents, says the company. In addition, the availabiilty of rear-facing cameras is useful for specialized fleets such as tanker operations where they want to monitor the unloading process.

The company says fleets that previously felt video safety didn’t fit their driver or operational environment now have an option with SmartDrive Shield, a no-coaching, road-facing only solution focused on exonerating drivers in not-at-fault collisions. When ready for an integrated safety program, fleets can easily move to SmartDrive Defender or SmartDrive Assurance, leveraging the same flexible video analytics platform.

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