PHILADELPHIA — Aerodynamic provider SmartTruck announced its new LeadEdge Top Fairing, designed to manipulate and manage the disruptive airflow created in the gap between cab and trailer, or between two tandem trailers.

The announcement, at the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition in Philadelphia, also included a new simplified product lineup nomenclature.

"This new patent-pending product addresses this problem area of the trailer in a completely new and different way from other current industry solutions," said Stephen S. Ingham Jr., SmartTruck CEO. "LeadEdge is the first solution that creates lift to reduce drag,” similar to how an airplane wing works.

Coastdown and computational fluid dynamics testing shows the LeadEdge increases long-haul truck fuel efficiency by 2% as a stand-alone. It also offers an additional 2% incremental improvement in fuel economy when combined with aerodynamic systems addressing drag in other parts of the trailer.

The new fairing does this through the way it “smooths out and attaches the air flow more closely to the top of the trailer,” Ingham says.

The 2% measurement is based on the “nominal” gap determined by SmartTruck from working with customers.

The LeadEdge Top Fairing works for tandem “pup” trailers, as well.

"Tandem trailers face a unique aerodynamic challenge," said Ingham. "They need to ensure than any efficiency components added to trailers do not obstruct or interfere with pup operations. Our LeadEdge was created with that in mind."

Live tandem fleet testing is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The company is taking orders now and expects to start shipping in the next few weeks. Installation takes less than an hour, Ingham says, and an eight to 10 month payback period is expected based on fuel savings.

Ingham also announced that SmartTruck is consolidating its trailer efficiency solutions portfolio to make it easier for customers to choose and purchase the products that are right for their needs. Beginning October 19, the company will sell and distribute its EPA SmartWay verified and California Air Resources Board compliant aero systems in three branded configurations:
    •    The former UT1 will now be named "Classic Aero System"
    •    The UT6+ will now be named "Premier Aero System"
    •   TopKit will now be named "TopKit Aero System"

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