Photo via Trucker Buddy

Photo via Trucker Buddy

PeopleNet has agreed to renew its sponsorship of the School Supply Program that gives out grants to classrooms for needed supplies, announced Trucker Buddy International.

In Jan. 2016, 12 classrooms will be selected to receive $500 each in grants for supplies, equipment and other educational materials. Totaling $6,000, the grants will be selected based on need, time in the Trucker Buddy program, testimonial by their driver and detailing how the classroom will use the money.  

“We’ve been a long-time supporter of Trucker Buddy and continue to applaud the program for its commitment to improving educational environments for children,” said Bev Mestelle, vice president of talent for PeopleNet.  

Truck Buddy International is an independent, non-profit organization that educates schoolchildren and introduces them to the trucking industry. After a screening process, truckers are matched with a class and share news about their travels with the students.

Students write letters and send pictures to the drivers and through the process are taught reading, writing, geography, mathematics, socials studies and history in a fun way.

“I received so many thank you notes from the teachers and classrooms who were issued the grants,” said Randy Schwartzenburg, executive director of Trucker Buddy. “iPads, computers, basic supplies, as well as valuable education opportunities for the teachers all became a reality because of the grant program supported by our partners at PeopleNet.”

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