Vipar Heavy Duty has announced that its VHD Equipment Network of distributors will transition into the Power Heavy Duty network on Jan. 1, 2016.

Vipar Heavy Duty acquired the Power Heavy Duty organization in Dec. 2013 and Power Heavy Duty became a part of the Vipar Heavy Duty Family of Companies. The combination of the two groups into one is seen as a way to maximize efficiency while growing the business, according to Vipar.

“We are pleased to welcome members of the VHD Equipment Network to Power Heavy Duty, which will help drive more value for our distributors and suppliers,” said Chris Baer, executive vice president of Vipar Heavy Duty and president of VHD Equipment Network. “This transition will allow us to continue to grow as a group, and help us develop and deliver even more programs and tools for our collective members.”

The Power Heavy Duty network and its members are focused on service and repair in addition to serving customers with traditional parts distribution.

VHD Equipment Network members are also focused service and repair with an emphasis on truck-mounted equipment.

The combined group will represent more than 140 distributor companies with over 210 locations and 175 existing supplier and business service programs.

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